ORVIBO Leads Globally in Smart Home Core Competencies
ORVIBO Innovatively Launches MixStation,
a Whole-House Smart Hot Water Central
Air Conditioning System Launching the Era
of Intelligent New Energy Smart Homes
ORVIBO has ingeniously combined AI, IoT technology, and new energy technology to introduce the MixStation, a whole-home intelligent hot water central air conditioning system. This innovative product seamlessly integrates central air conditioning, water heating, and home heating, catering to users' needs for cooling, heating, and domestic hot water simultaneously. We have pioneered the development of the HeatCycle high-efficiency heat pump recovery and storage technology, which recovers the heat generated during air conditioning cooling and uses it to produce domestic hot water, significantly enhancing energy efficiency. We have already applied for over a hundred technology patents related to these advancements..

ORVIBO's original invention of

wall-mounted smart voice panel

MixPad, continues to maintain its

leading position

9 innovations in 5 years lead
industry development

The original invention of the MixPad wall-mounted smart voice panel not only addresses
the issue of fragmented and disorganized home interactions for users but also offers
multiple interaction methods including physical buttons, touchscreen, voice, and mobile
app. With a range of 12 MixPad series products, it provides comprehensive coverage for
diverse user scenarios, leading the industry through innovation.

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ORVIBO Independently Develops Secure and Stable Operating
System: HomeAI OS Equipped with Whole-Home Energy Manager
Matter & GPT, Creating an Infinite OTA Smart Home
HomeAI OS is Orvibo's newly upgraded smart home operating system, powered by the advanced GPT model and supported by Matter technology.
HomeAI 5.0 integrates large-scale AI technology along with the latest Nature Link technology, AISense proactive intelligence, ONE STEP technology, and proximity-based Wake-up 3.0 human
-machine interaction positioning technology, enabling home devices to have enhanced proactive intelligence and human-machine interaction capabilities.
ORVIBO's extensive product categories
Meet users’ individual needs
Smart Lighting
ORVIBO, leveraging its innovative capabilities such as 'Three-Dimensional Dimming,''Mix-light Smart Dimming,' and 'Auto Light All-Weather Automatic Dimming,' is driving a transformation in the traditional lighting industry, ushering in a new era of 'precise dimming. ORVIBO has successfully created a series of systematic intelligent lighting products, covering 8 categories, with over 300 best-selling lamps to meet user needs
Smart door lock
ORVIBO‘s smart door locks have won numerous world design awards, offering seamless whole-home intelligence with six easy-to-use unlocking methods. When combined with Orvibo's security smart suite, it creates a connected home security ecosystem, delivering high-quality security services to users.
Smart Curtain
ORVIBO has a variety of smart sunshade products that are popular in the market, and has applied for more than 20 related invention patents. With the characteristics of ultra-long-distance signal coverage, quick change without wiring, etc., it can achieve accurate display and precise control of curtain opening and closing, and reduce energy consumption by half. The ultimate user experience.
Smart security
ORVIBO possesses robust hardware capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of smart security products that cover the entire spectrum of whole-home security scenarios. Our product lineup includes cameras, various sensors, emergency buttons, smart pan-tilt units, and a full range of products, delivering high-quality security services to users.
Home AI OS is Compatible with Hundreds of Hot-Selling Ecological
ProductsCreating a Globally Renowned Platform for A Diverse Range of
High-quality Ecosystem Products
Building upon the powerful interactive capabilities, open connectivity, and device compatibility of HomeAI OS, ORVIBO has strategically partnered with
multiple quality home brands globally, establishing a unique and advantageous ecosystem product network. ORVIBO empowers traditional enterprises
and has already created a portfolio of hundreds of popular ecosystem products.
ORVIBO has served over 3.5 million households worldwide..It is one of the
leading global whole-home smart brands in terms of user case scale
ORVIBO has already provided its services to over 3.5 million households worldwide, and it stands as one of the leading smart home brands, excelling in both the scale of user cases
and the bulk delivery of smart solutions to over 500 premium real estate projects equipped with ORVIBO's whole-home smart systems.
ORVIBO has more than 1,600 whole-house smart experience stores around the
world, serving nearly 100 countries and regions around the world
ORVIBO has more than 1,600 whole-home smart experience stores covering nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, bringing customers a better store experience.
ORVIBO released the fourth generation super whole-house smart experience store, bringing whole-house intelligence into the era of full-scenario retail.
ORVIBO has created a leading digital whole-house intelligent design
platform, greatly enhancing the user purchasing experience and in
-store conversion rates
ORVIBO has launched a powerful, efficient and convenient smart home design platform with interactive and immersive real-life solutions. The
Zhijiayi system integrates thousands of products and can quickly customize exclusive whole-house smart solutions for users.
ORVIBO has a comprehensive smart home installation digital
service platform with extensive service network coverage,
enabling intelligent management of the entire service process
The smart home service built by ORVIBO is a one-stop service ecological platform for smart home after-sales services in all scenarios, categories, processes and customer
groups. Zhijiayi has achieved high service network coverage and has thousands of professional service engineers to provide users with better integrated smart home
installation services.
ORVIBO has won multiple honors and
qualifications for its outstanding innovation capabilities
As one of the world's leading brands of whole-house intelligent systems and products, ORVIBO has become a national high-tech enterprise by virtue of its outstanding
innovation capabilities and scientific corporate management. It has successively won honors and qualifications such as "Guangdong Province's Specialized and
New Enterprises", "Outstanding Enterprises in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area", and "Top 50 Innovative Companies in the 21st Century (National)".
ORVIBO has world-class product design capabilities and has won
many international product design awards
As a leader in technologically aesthetic home intelligence, ORVIBO has world-class design capabilities and has won many international product
design awards. It has become an eye-catching smart home company that has won the four major international design awards.
ORVIBO is one of the leading whole-house smart home
companies in terms of financing
The shareholders are Tencent, Huaxing, SoftBank SAIF, Lenovo Star, Midea Real Estate, Sophia, Fusemi, Topband, MTK, Red Star Macalline and
other institutions and enterprises. The shareholder background covers Internet giants, chip supply, channel distribution, terminals Scenario
development and top PE institutions provide comprehensive support for ORVIBO’s growth.
We utilize innovation in smart and new energy technologies to
transform products and services, revolutionize the interaction and
connection between people and spaces, eliminate global dependence
on fossil fuels, continuously accelerate the advancement of technology
homes, and propel the Earth toward a more sustainable future.

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