Smart LED Light
Full House Lighting Above 100㎡
Smart LED Light

A beam of light represents a mood,

a beam of light is a time

According to the application scenes, you can freely match different lighting schemes, reading,

watching movies, and playing games, all have comfortable and exclusive home lighting effects.

Brightness and color temperature stepless adjustment

let light bring you endless fun

Color temperature
2700-6500K color temperature range, two-way adjustment of cold and warm colors.
1%-100% brightness adjustment,Light on/off slowly,support state memory.

Smart lighting

improve the sleep quality of family

The ORVIBO smart lighting system improves the sleep quality of family, whether it is an early

day of energizing, or a more concentrated work and study, it can provide the most

comfortable lighting experience.

In the morning, the cold color light wakes up the

body and fills it with energy.

At night, warm color light helps family enter a good

state of sleep.

With Mixpad S Smart Hub

Achieve Full House Smart Lighting

Smart lighting devices connect to MixPad S ,support APP,switch,panel and sensors five

interactives.Scenes linkage,make lighting become simple.

Smart panel interactive
Mobile phone APP interactive

Free grouping, custom scene mode

APP one key to control

Not only can be controlled individually, but also multiple downlights or spotlights can be

divided into groups, and multiple lighting devices can be controlled with one button to

achieve the linkage of lighting control throughout the house.

Integrated design

as simple as installing traditional lamps

Integrated structure design, simple and generous, standardized screw port, embedded

design, strong versatility, directly connected to the mains, easy to install and use.

zigbee full house smart interconnection

Adopting industrial-grade zigbee communication protocol, with strong reliability and scalability, with its own

routing function, suitable for a large number of lighting applications at home, more stable than WiFi, and

more farther than Bluetooth.

R90 high rendering restores true colors

RA90 high rendering index, luminous flux as high as 350lm/450lm, makes the color of

the illuminated object more real and restores the true colors of the home.

high rendering index
low rendering index

High-quality LED light source, no flicker and eye protection

high efficiency and energy saving

Using high-quality IC driver and LED light source, dimming without flicker, with anti-

glare design, reducing visual fatigue and dizziness; surface light source irradiation,

uniform light, high efficiency and energy saving.

Installation Notes
* Please cut off the power before installation

*Accessibility of some features may vary across regions. Product pictures, videos and display contents on the foregoing pages are provided for reference only. Actual product features and specifications (including but not limited to appearance, colour, and size), as well as actual display contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, UI, icons and videos) may vary.
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