MixPad X Smart Panel
Three protocols, thousands of devices
powerful smart gateway
High-fidelity panoramic
ambient music system

16:6 Full Screen


BOE 12.3-inch High-brightness
Ultra-clear Panoramic Screen
The 12.3-inch large screen can accommodate
more control and scenes of household devices.
Present 15 Scenes on the Same Screen
Omnidirectional linear four-microphone array
support 10m far-field wake-up
Hi-Fi Stereo Wall Speakers
One Screen to Control Smart Life

Up to 300 Zigbee devices can be connected to MixPad X, and up to thousands of smart home devices

can be connected through the cascading function of the local gateway.

Full House Smart Home Appliances Butler
Intelligent Scene Linkage
Door lock and light linkage
Wake up mode
Warm mode

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