ORVIBO Full House Smart Home System
The choice of over 2 million families worldwide.

Smart Real Estate Cases

Smart Home

ORVIBO full house smart home
system connect the lighting, HVAC,
home security, curtain system and
other equipment into a complete
intelligent system.

China ·Fantasia Family

Shanghai · International Trade

Singapore · Fantasia

Huizhou · TCL Cannes Four Seasons

Sanya · Agile Clear Water Bay

Henan·Jianye Spring

Smart Hotel Cases

Smart Hotel

WeHotel smart hotel system is based
on "efficiency, comfort and energy

Japan · Dinosaur Theme Hotel

China · Atour Hotel

Global · XY Hotel Apartment

Smart Office Cases

Smart Office

GreenOffice is an enterprise-level
smart lighting system based on the
leading capabilities of the Internet of
Things, big data, cloud computing, etc.

Chongqing · Topbang Chongqing R & D Center

Lenovo Star · Nebula accelerator

Beijing·Smart Car

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