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Real AI whole house smart control

Easy to get the full house smart

Multiple interaction methods

More convenient

True active intelligent control

Smarter as you use it

All-round whole house intelligence

One-stop exclusive customization

Lifetime OTA

Smarter as you use it

Efficient installation

Smart after-sales

Use The Full House Super Smart Panel
To Make The Home Cooler
Goodbye! Chaotic Walls

A super smart panel is also a smart hub, integrating the functions of different devices: smart gateways,

smart switches, air conditioning panels, background music panels, AI voice speakers, etc., which can

replace multiple smart single products. The operation is convenient and the interaction is excellent. It truly

realizes the intelligence and automation of the home and brings a new home life experience.

Multi-Modal Six-Dimensional Interaction
Used By The Whole Family
Active Real Smart Scenes, Born Smart
The More You Use, The Smarter

Based on different family roles, time and room, we recommend the most suitable smart scene for

you. No need to preset in advance, more than 10,000+ scene libraries, support for home appliance

control of 100+ mainstream home appliance brands, covering every need of yours.

Sleep mode
Active cooling
Go home at night

The First Choice For Ai Without Main Lighting, Super Smart

Lighting For The Whole House.Automatically switch

hundreds of lighting scenes

Ten thousand-level high-precision lighting adjustment I dozens of SKU professional lighting options
Movie viewing mode
Dining mode
Moonlight Mode
Hundreds Of Products Meet The Smart
And Rich Choices Of The Whole House

ORVIBO"1+4+N (entry/system +4 basic environmental system products+NEco products)" product matrix. Created hundreds of

high-quality smart products. It can cover different spaces, constitute a rich life scene, and meet the needs of users for

diversified and high-quality intelligent life experience.

* Note: Some products are only applicable to the Chinese market, please confirm with the sales manager.

Create A Number Of Well-Known Domestic Technology

Housing Cases,Well received by consumers

Nantong Hanging Garden
The private residence of Olympic
champion Zhongman
Dali Idealbon Holiday Hotel
One-to-one immersive customization
exclusive smart solution
Product List
Living room
Master bedroom
Second bedroom
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