Interaction Center

ORVIBO MixPad 7 Multifunctional Control Panel

Multi-protocol Smart Home Gateway

MixPad Genie

Smart Panel  Funny Life

MixPad Mini Super Smart Panel

Full screen super smart panel

Super Smart Switch

Technology and Aesthetics Wall Art Upgrade

ZigBee Mini Hub

Connect many of smart devices to create
smart scenes

Allone Pro RF & IR Hub

Smart linking bridge & hub for kinds of
RF or IR devices

Smart Lighting

S Series Smart Lighs

Professional smart home lighting

Smart LED Light

First choice for full house lighting, restore true colors


ORVIBO Smart Dimmer Switch with Touchscreen

ZigBee RGB Relay

Change the temperature and brightness
of RGB lights with APP

In-wall Switch

Transform the wired single live switches to
smart Zigbee switches

Home Security

2k wireless smart IP camera S2

Smart Security Linkage for the Full House,keep your home safe.

Smart Door Lock S2

More Safe And More Advanced

Smart Door Lock C1

More Smart And Keep Your Home Safe

Smart Home Kits

Multiple kits of security, elder care, lighting
and more

1080P IP Camera

HD camera monitor by 360°full-view navigation

Sensor Access Module

Transform the traditional wired sensors to
be Zigbee sensors

Motion PIR Sensor

Trigger alarm if someone or something
passing through

Door Window Sensor

Real-time monitor the door&window status

Temperature Humidity Sensor

Real-time detect & adjust temperature
& humidity

Zigbee CO Sensor

Real-time detect & alarm on CO concentration

Zigbee Combustible Gas Sensor

Real-time detect & alarm on combustible gas

Zigbee Smoke Sensor

Real-time monitor smoke to avoid potential risk

Zigbee Water Leakage Sensor

Real-time monitor water leakage

Zigbee Emergency Button

One-key alarm trigger for SOS purpose

Smart R+T

Smart Curtain Motor Kit

Rechargeable mini but powerful smart
curtain motor

Smart Curtain Motor

Easy to wirelessly open & close curtain
in smart way

ZigBee Multi-functional Relay

Transform normal curtain motors into
smart ones

Smart HVAC

AirMaster Central A/C Control Kit

More comfortable, more energy-saving

Central A/C Control Panel

Adjust temperature by remote control A/C

Home Entertainment

Bluetooth Decor Speaker ArtisBox Play

Professional smart bluetooth speaker

Magic Cube Wifi IR Controller

Connect infrared home appliances by replacing
all remote controllers

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